Tips to Conserve Energy and Save Money

Date: September 18, 2023

Small Changes at Home Can Add Up to Big Savings

home energy tips massachusetts There are many ways to conserve energy and lower your costs. Some are easy and bring you small savings, but these can add up! Others take more work and require an investment, but this can result in big returns, such as upgrading to a high-efficiency heating oil system. Here are just a few ideas to think about.

Don’t Neglect Heating System Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a vital money-saving investment for your heating oil boiler or heating oil furnace because it keeps your equipment running safely and at peak efficiency. Four out of five heating system breakdowns are preventable if you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.
Heating system tune-ups can also help you conserve heating fuel over the winter. This is because your professional heating oil technician will conduct a series of tests to make sure your heating system is running at the best possible efficiency. Any adjustments and repairs can be taken care of after the initial evaluation. It’s always best to consult with your heating oil service company to determine when your furnace or boiler is due for tune-up service.

Heating Equipment Replacement

If you have an old heating system that’s been prone to repairs lately, a replacement system may be a better option than maintenance. Like any piece of equipment, your heating oil boiler or heating oil furnace will eventually have to be replaced one day. If you think it’s time to replace your old heating system, please contact your full-service heating oil company.

The latest heating oil boilers and heating oil furnaces are small, smart, and super-efficient and can save you 20% or more on your annual heating costs. There are many different equipment options to fit your budget and your local heating oil company has expertise in all types and models of heating oil equipment. See how much you can save with a new boiler or new furnace installation.

Prepare for Winter with a Heating Oil Service Plan

Did you know that most heating oil companies in Massachusetts offer service plans for your heating equipment, many of which offer different levels of coverage?

These annual plans provide homeowners with a variety of benefits. These include preventative maintenance (tune-ups) that keep your system operating at peak efficiency. A service plan also guarantees you emergency heating service should you ever lose your heat. Many service plans also offer significant discounts if covered parts need to be replaced.

The bottom line: your full-service heating oil company is always looking for ways to help its customers save energy and money. One of the most valuable programs they offer is service plan coverage.

If you want to ease your worries going into winter, please reach out to your Massachusetts heating oil company and ask about service plan coverage. Having this coverage can bring you priceless peace of mind.

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