Storage Tanks

Is it time to replace your fuel storage tank?

heating oil storage tanks

They say you get better with age, but that’s not true if you’re an oil tank. If your fuel storage tank is more than 30 years old, you should consider replacing it.

While it’s true that heating oil storage tanks last many years, they should be replaced eventually. Life spans vary depending on the humidity, the thickness of the steel and more. And when fuel storage tanks do fail, it’s hard to see it coming, because they can erode from the inside out.

Today’s oil tanks are light-years ahead of old models. The new generation of aboveground tanks are virtually leak-proof and feature:

  • sleek designs
  • double-wall construction that includes an outer tank of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel
  • leak-detection system
  • long-term warranties

If that’s not enough, the newest generation of aboveground tanks generally can be installed in small or unusually shaped spaces.

In short, today’s tanks provide peace of mind and convenience—in addition to all the other benefits of heating your home with oil!

Contact your local heating oil company to explore your options in new fuel storage tanks and get details about getting a $250 rebate for an oil tank upgrade.