Bioheat and Ultra-low Sulfur Fuel

Bioheat®: The Cleanest Possible Fuel for You

bioheat ultra low sulfur

Renewable, clean, cutting-edge and energy efficient. These are all words that Massachusetts residents are hearing about Bioheat® fuel, the fuel that is truly the landmark element in the evolution of the industry. Bioheat® is a blend of low or ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which is made from natural sources such as soybeans, other plant oils, animal fats, algae and more.

Why should you be excited about it? For starters, Bioheat® is sourced and produced right here in the United States. Bioheat® supports local farmers, local industries and a local economy. But that’s just the beginning. Consumers who use Bioheat® benefit from:

  • The most refined grade of heating oil available. And because of that, Bioheat® is the one of the cleanest burning energy sources for your home or business.
  • A reduction of system maintenance issues. Bioheat® blended with ultra-low sulfur heating oil eliminates the source of most equipment issues.

And in Massachusetts, which has some of the most ambitious environmental goals in the country, Bioheat® is helping the state meet its goal of a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

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